Larkin's Bar opened late August 2010 and has since been part of the thriving location of Newland Avenue.

You'll find Larkin's Bar at the head of Newland Avenue, just around the corner from the ever-bustling edifice that is Princes Avenue.
We have a wide range of craft beers on offer from a multitude of different breweries across the world. If you're looking to try something new, or just after that unique and exotic choice, Larkin's Bar is your first stop.

48-50 Newland Avenue


A few frequently asked questions from our customers. If you have one that isn't answered here, give us a call!

Can I reserve a table?

We don't normally reserve tables for less than 8 people, but have a quick chat with one of our friendly bar staff and you might be in luck!
Want to take your chances? If there's less than eight of you, just pop along and we'll try (but can't always promise!) to get you seated.

Have you any special arrangements for occassions?

You're welcome to bring your own cakes, flowers, gifts or balloons (no confetti, please - it's a pain to clear up!) which we'll be happy to bring out for you or have ready for your booking.

On Sundays, do the normal menus run alongside the carvery?

Only our main menu will run alongside the carvery - the lunch menu and specials will not be available.